As the private schools continue to harass parents for fee, torture children by refusing report card, access to online class etc... parents were puzzled what and where this is going to end or take us towards.

Now, a development led by Sarojini is giving all parents like us a huge window of possibility and a method to put an end to the harassment, blackmailing or threatening by private schools.

Earlier in a press release, the Hon Minister of Primary & Secondary Education Suresh Kumarji had asked parents to complain with the Education Department (BEO) in case the schools harass the parents by asking for fees or any other issues. 


Is the Minister not aware that the education department never acts on the complaints given by the suffering parents? Education department has never acted on hundreds of complaints registered at the District Level Education Regulatory Authority (DERA) in stopping the harassment to parents or violations by private schools.

Even after registering a complaint the private school management never stops harassing the parents. Because they are assured that the education department will never complete a genuine investigation and also lack the guts to take action on the private school.


Sarojini in 2018 complained to the Department of Education. Based on her complaint the Director - Department of Public Instruction issued an order stating parents must not pay fees until the investigation and orders by the Education department (DERA). 

The Presidency school management targeted the students whose parents registered the complaint by stopping the students from attending regular classes, denying online access to children and not declaring the exam results. The aggrieved parents registered a complaint at Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR). 


KSCPCR after an investigation found the school violated the rights of Children and ORDERED that the parents can wait for the final order of DERA to pay any fees.


The management of the Presidency school challenged this order of KSCPCR by filing a Writ Petition 30049-50/2019 in Karnataka High Court. Meanwhile, the school kept on harassing Sarojini to pay the fees, denied her son access to online classes etc.

Yesterday she registered an FIR at the Mico Layout Police Station (FIR no: 0077/2021) against the management of Presidency School Bangalore South(PSBS)  under the following IPC sections

  • Sec 34 (Act done by more than one person), 

  • Sec 294 (Mental and Physiological Harassment), 

  • Sec 503 (Blackmail) &

  • Sec 506 (Threatening).


We all very strongly feel that this is a LANDMARK step by a bold parent against the adamant management of private schools.


I request all to ensure that every other parent follows this, in order to curb the atrocities being committed against the parents by respective private schools managements.